Small Business Cyber Security Advice, Guidance & Help with a Cyber Security Strategy

Cyber Security for Small Business can seem overwhelming, especially if your a Micro Business looking at your businesses cyber security and what you need to do. Here we explore the issues and concerns small businesses face when it comes to their UK national cyber security, from a cyber security strategy to managing digital data and password management. You will find help and advice on implementing cyber security protocols and digital data policies, as well as learning about the newest security software and hardware that can assist your small business manage its cyber responsibilities effectively.

Policies and Procedures

Privacy policy generator free tool

Privacy Policy Generator Tool - Free

Use this free privacy policy generator to create your own GDPR privacy policy notice quickly and easily. Privacy policy creation tool, easily creates a base template for you to copy and paste into your website and make any final adjustments to fit your policy notice to your business.

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Free GDPR privacy policy notice template

Free GDPR Privacy Policy Notice Template - Download

If your looking for a GDPR website privacy policy notice that you can adopt and modify for your business, then download my GDPR Privacy Notice Template and edit to suit your business and General Data Protection Regulation compliance requirements.

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Free B&B accommodation terms and conditions template

Accommodation Terms & Conditions Template - Download

A free template ready to customise, for serviced accommodation providers such as accommodation, self catering, bed and breakfast or guest houses. Use this template terms and conditions to base your own terms, or reference it while compiling your own.

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My Cyber Security

Unsubscribe from all Mailchimp lists at once

Unsubscribe From All MailChimp & EMS Lists Globablly

Can you unsubscribe from all mailing lists hosted by or other Email marketing Service providers in a single process, regardless of which corporation / business mailing list your subscribed to?

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Remove yourself from email lists or block email spammers

Remove Yourself From Emailing List

Remove yourself from an email list, sent by businesses or spammers and free up your inbox a little... until next week! Learn how to remove yourself from emailing lists and manage your subscriptions to email messages you actually want.

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Data Management

Software and Apps

Security Technologies

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