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Unsubscribe From All Global Mailchimp Lists

Unsubscribe from all mailing lists hosted by Mailchimp in a single action!

Unsubscribe from all Mailchimp mailing lists easily

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Wondering how to unsubscribe your email address from all emailing lists hosted by MailChimp ( in a single process, regardless of which corporation or company owns & manages that list(s)? So perhaps you receive ten email newsletters from ten different websites / business' who each use MailChimp's email marketing service and you'd like to unsubscribe from all of those newsletters at once, instead of unsubscribing from them one at a time. Well this could be a really handy feature to utilise, it would be like a Global Unsubscribe from MailChimp's email marketing system.
I should note I'm using MailChimp in this example, but you could apply the same question to any email marketing service provider, since other providers are of course available.

I contacted MailChimp and they told me they have a 'blocklist' that will block all MailChimp generated email messages (that's marketing messages from a corp / business) to a specific email address. However, that email address won't be able to register for other MailChimp hosted mailing lists, since it is on their 'blocklist'. So either your 'in' or your 'out' I guess.

If you want to be on MailChimps 'blocklist', get in contact with their abuse team here and give them clear instruction on what email address you'd like added to their block list. You can of course request to be removed at any time.

I'd assume it would be more useful if a email address could be removed from mailing lists, instead of being blocked, since that's just a filtering mechanism rather than a process of removing. Perhaps in the future they will develop a secure way for users to unsubscribe from any hosted mailing list on MailChimp's system and then register for new ones, or the same ones, after the fact. A more controlled option would be a central login system where the end user has a "reader" MailChimp account and can manage all of their MailChimp system subscriptions for all corporations / websites enlisted with.

Of course this theory doesn't just apply to, it could equally be any one of the many Email Marketing Service providers out there, such as SendInBlue, Constant Contact, Aweber, GetResponse etc could provide to end users for mass unsubscription from all mailing lists.

Should EMS Providers Allow Global Unsubscription From Any Email Lists They Host?

Depending from which side of the fence you look at this, there could be positives or negatives to a service like this. If your a business looking to market products and services to customers and potential leads you'll appreciate every subscriber you have. So a system that makes it easy for end users to unsubscribe whether they have had your newsletter or not could be a worry. Equally the business might feel 'hard-done-by' because of the nuisance of other businesses sending that user marketing messages and not loose out through no fault of their own.

From a readers point of view, or the end user this might sound like a great service to unsubscribe from many emails all at once. So instead of unsubscribing from each of the email newsletters they receive one at a time they can go to source and simply unsubscribe centrally from the EMS provider, which could be much less work than doing each email one at a time.

Yet again, questions could rise around whether the end user understands what a mass unsubscribe would do, perhaps they'll stop receiving newsletters they actually want and be left wondering why they don't get them anymore. Equally, if a secure, tracked system wasn't developed we could unsubscribe email address that don't belong to us on mass and cause more damage than good. I think a central "reader" user account where each EMS provider allows users to see all their email subscriptions for their email address' in one place and manage them centrally.

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