About Jamie King Media - Creative Digital Designer Wales

  • Based; in Carmarthenshire, Wales
  • Started; in 2004
  • Before that; Advertising Design & Marketing since 1998
  • Skill Set; HTML, CSS, Javascript, FormCalc, MySQL, some PHP
  • OS Platforms; Windows, OSX & Ubuntu on various devices
  • Software; CorelDraw (old favourite), Adobe suite, Notepad++

I am a media designer and marketer based in Carmarthenshire Wales UK. I design media such as websites, advertising, identity and PDF forms, though I specialise in web design.

I lovingly hand code my web designs from scratch using HTML5 / PHP & CSS3 with a mobile first approach. I strive for quality design and coding while minimising clutter and over-the-top cosmetics that distract from the websites goals and performance.
By choice I don't use open source platforms like Wordpress or Joomla and I believe; to be good at something you should love what it is you do. (I've never enjoyed following open source solutions). Read more about web design here.

Instinctively creative I try to pick out the design methodology in everything from the sign written vans passing me on the motorway to the mass tourism leaflets stands where I'll pick out the ones that caught my attention and then question why.

Its true to say I love design and work best when my creativity is given freedom to explore. Start up businesses, new advertising campaigns or company re-branding are some of my favourite projects.


Many fellow designers inspire me from across the world with their approaches and methods applied to what might seem a simple project, but evolves into a master piece of digital design.

Jamie King on Cadair Idris, Mid Wales
Myself stood on the side of Cadair Idris, North Wales

Outside of the computer confines I find much of my inspiration from, well the outside. Cliff tops, mountain ranges, lush forestry or idyllic countryside each retain qualities I use in my designs from colours and tones to textures and shapes.

In The Community

I contribute to the local community and their charities through committee membership, advice, media design, event organisation and fund raising. I have a good sense of community spirit and methodology and enjoy volunteering my time and skills.

Before Time Began

Before starting Jamie King Media I worked in design and marketing at a music promotions business (1998 onwards). I have a big love for music and often wonder if I could justify turning half my office into a fully fledged sound studio. The self taught skills and experience I gained in these early years certainly helped found my future in design, marketing and business. I was even awarded YE Company of the year in 1999.

Home Life

I have a young family of 4 children and a wonderfully supportive wife who listens to me whine about why some CSS class isn't doing what I want it to or how Internet Explorer displays something entirely different to every other browser available on the planet. While I work hard in the business designing media that makes a difference I always look to enjoy the magical years with the young family as I am often told, 'one day they will all be grown up and you'll miss this time when its gone'.

I owe my career existence to my father who advised and supported me when I started in business. He showed me the courage and determination to become self employed and follow the right path.