Jamie King - Digital Designer & Marketer from Wales

  • Location; Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK
  • Experience; 2004
  • Coding Skills; HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, FormCalc, XFA & Acro Forms

I am a media designer and marketer based in Carmarthenshire Wales UK. I design media such as websites, advertising, identity and PDF forms, though I specialise in web design.

I lovingly hand code my web designs from scratch using HTML5 / PHP & CSS3 with a mobile first approach. I strive for quality design and coding while minimising clutter and over-the-top cosmetics that distract from the websites goals and performance.


Many fellow designers inspire me from across the world with their approaches and methods applied to what might seem a simple project, but evolves into a master piece of digital design.

Jamie King on Cadair Idris, Mid Wales
Myself stood on the side of Cadair Idris, North Wales