Digital Marketing Services Carmarthenshire West Wales & Pembrokeshire

I offer a range of digital marketing services for small business, locally across Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire West Wales, or nationally to customers when a local marketing services isn't essential; such as with website link building, website search optimisation (seo) or content marketing. Digital marketing is different for every business, though the core concepts and methods of digital marketing will still apply.

September 2023; I am currently re-developing my digital marketing services while investing the next 24 months in advancing my skills further. For exclusive offerings and more info please get in touch.

Types of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses many applied marketing actions, across a variety of digital platforms, devices and media types. In short is just means marketing in a digital format by any digital means - which these days is a vast ocean of opportunities. Here's some key types of digital marketing;

Search engine optimisation
The practice of optimising a website and its pages for optimum performance in search engine results pages, for the desired keywords or phrases.
Local search optimising
Focused actions on local geographic search listing and local business listing performance in maps systems like Google Maps, Bing Maps etc.
Content marketing
Using content such as text, blogs, articles, media, video, audio or images to increase engagement, brand awareness or exposure online.
Social media marketing
The use of social media (some or all available platforms) to fulfill a desired action, like engagement, sales, sign-ups, brand awareness etc.

Digital Marketing FAQ

Here's a quick digital marketing frequently asked questions which you may find useful;

Will my website get visitors if I don't conduct some form of digital marketing?

Potentially yes, though maybe much less than it potentially could. Telling Google you have a website, or adding your website address to your social media profile are some of the simplest digital marketing actions to take. If Google doesn't know about your website (i.e. its not in Google's index database), users are never going to find it when searching Google. Any type of digital marketing looks to make people aware of your website and increase its traffic volume and/or engagement. Even the smallest bit of digital marketing can help.

Is digital marketing expensive?

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