Email Marketing Services & Consultancy for Small Business' in South & West Wales

Email marketing remains one of the most popular and favoured digital marketing methods today. Despite the huge about of spam mail consumers receive daily, email marketing messages still provide a powerful backbone to a successful marketing strategy with proven results.

I provide Email Marketing Services and Consultancy from my base in West Wales, on the Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire borders. I work closely with small businesses, charities and community organisations who require either a full email marketing management service or simply consultancy to help make sense of email marketing and formulate a on-going plan.

There are many laws and regulations email marketers need to follow, as well as designing and compiling compelling email campaigns that returns the desired results. Balancing each of these elements can be a challenge and take up your valuable time. This is where email marketing services can help you and your business through guidance, training or full email marketing management.

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Email Marketing Services & Consultancy

  • Full email marketing management
  • Strategy creation for your business
  • Subscriber growth & incentives
  • Campaign creation
  • Training, support and consultancy
  • Email marketing regulations advice

Email Marketing for your Business, Charity or Organisation

I have worked with a number of small businesses, charities and community organisations to implement an email marketing strategy (EM). Along the way I often hear that small businesses and alike, find it difficult to maintain a consistent EM-strategy or that they are unsure on what to say in their email campaigns. The key is having a plan, a specific strategy that can be measured and will pave the way forward for future campaigns. Not every strategy will be the same for every business and there will always be a requirement for flexibility.

Well thought about email marketing is at the centre of good practice, from complying to data protection and electronic regulations to understanding what your readers like to see in your campaigns. I often explain to customers that, a mailing list of 100 quality subscribers is better than a list of 10,000 poor quality subscribers, most of which may not be interested in your offers and ultimately be an inefficient use of your time. Managing your mailing list of subscribers is important, it is not about signing up as many users as possible and sending them an array of message in-hope.

Knowing what to put into your email marketing campaigns and messages can be difficult at first. A good exercise is to get outside input, look at the competition and ask your customers what they might be interested in receiving by email.
I believe it is important to have a format or strategy to work to, for example thinking about my own business in "digital design and marketing" I may apply the following strategy to my email campaigns: "To email subscribers self help guides and tips about marketing their small business online, with the secondary goal of offering my own services and consultancy if required".

Email messages don't need to be about the hard sell all the time, take time to try things out and find a balance that suits your business, brand and goals.

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