SEO & Search Engine Optimisation in South & West Wales

Website SEO can be confusing, so lets keep it simple and to the point. Search engines love organised, quality relevant content. Making sure your website is loved by search engines is what I do, so lets talk.

I provide a competent service for SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation from my base in West Wales on the Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire borders. Geared to be a competitively priced SEO service specific to small businesses, I work closely with customers to bring their websites to a high standard of search engine optimisation that return stronger positions in search engine results.

I take time to understand the needs of my customers and look to explain what is often a technology mind boggle, into something that my customers understand and can relate to in order to set realistic goals and measurements. SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation doesn't have to cost the earth and often basic optimisation of web pages returns positive results quickly. So if you need help and support with your website SEO, get in touch.

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SEO & Search Engine Marketing Services

  • Website & Webpage Optimisation
  • Mobile and Image Optimisation
  • User Experience Design & Optimisation
  • User Tracking & Action Tracking

What is SEO Anyway?

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO technically means optimising a website or webpage so that it meets search engine requirements and better performs in search engine results pages. However, the term has been more widely used to encompass a wider scope of definition, whereby it's assumed SEO means getting a website or webpage to the top of search results and marketing the website across the web. In reality, SEO is one part, marketing a website across the web is another part and finally tweaking a web page for better user experience and lead generation is another part.

The Jon Snow of SEO

Once a website told me, if I was in Game of Thrones, I'd be the Jon Snow of SEO... apparently?

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