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We'd like to give a BIG Thanks for all of our Supporters who have used our small business marketing blog for tips, guides and templates to further their own online marketing and business. We can't thank everyone enough who has kindly brought us a coffee via the Buy Me A Coffee page, so this is a page all about you, our supporters! Thank you!

  • A1 Servicing Narberth - Small Plant Hire Pembrokeshire and Tool Hire Pembrokeshire.
  • AYA Studio & their company branding service
  • Thanks to the team behind the good morning wake up video.
  • Solar Save Renewables - Thanks for the support
  • Olif Betws, 5 star boutique bed & breakfast in Snowdonia, Wales - Thank you for your support!
  • Global Ship Delivery (Yacht Delivery Services) - Thanks!
  • North East of Scotland Golfers Alliance - Good Luck
  • Kathy - Saved me so much time. Thank you!
  • ekw1172 - Your guidance has been a great help!
  • Maire - Thank for your Privacy Policy Template
  • Hannah Garvin - Thanks Jamie your template and links have been really useful.
  • Stuart Coleman - Thank for the GDPR template Jamie.
  • Georgie - Good job Jamie.
  • Andy - Thanks alot, really helped me out.
  • Mysterious Stranger - Thanks a lot for the help I found in your website! Brilliant!
  • Andrew Lund-Yates - Thanks for your Bed and Breakfast template!
  • Mysterious Stranger - Thanks, most useful an d time saving.
  • Mysterious Stranger - Thank you.
  • Chantell Riches - Thank you for the template! Enjoy your Cuppa :)
  • Mysterious Stranger - Thank you for the use of your template. Enjoy the coffee!
  • Jan - I love your straight forward request for buying you a coffee :) Enjoy mate!!
  • John Howell - Have one on me.
  • Virginie - Awesome GDPR template, so helpful. Thanks Jamie!
  • Lesley - Thanks for that.
  • Brian Murray - thanks Jamie.
  • Mysterious Stranger - Thanks.
  • SempleMac Imagery - Thank you :)
  • Steve Church Copywriter Pro - Jamie - a great policy. Thank you... and I love this buy me a coffee idea. Have two on me ;-)
  • Karl Wilson - Enjoy.
  • Andrew Buchaan - Thank you for your privacy policy template.
  • Mysterious Stranger - Thank you for the privacy policy template.
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