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Best Glamping in West Wales, Pembrokeshire & Carmarthenshire

The Best Glamping Sites in Pembrokeshire Coast Wales

Best glamping in Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire West Wales

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Have you ever been Glamping in Pembrokeshire or Carmarthenshire West Wales and experienced the luxuries of posh-camping, or the peacefulness of connecting with nature at an eco friendly camp site? Glamping has over the last decade grown as a popular way to holiday in the UK. With glamping sites dotted all over the country, nestled in idyllic landscapes or inspired by lavish glamping pods and tents, there's no wonder many set off on their glamping holidays each year.

Here in West Wales, glamping holidays in Pembrokeshire is quite popular. In-fact there are over 50+ sites across Pembrokeshire alone, with over 35 of them members of the Greener Camping Club (a network of camp and glamping sites with an eco friendly ethos and philosophy).

Building the best Pembrokeshire glamping web site

In 2020 I was tasked in designing a new website design for a eco friendly glamping site in South Pembrokeshire. A new business set within a lush landscape of lakes and meadows, it was with no doubt to be a picturesque glamping location that followed an eco friendly, family friendly policy. Watermeadows Glamping as it's known, is situated in Broadmoor, Pembrokeshire, directly off the main road between Kilgetty and Pembroke Dock / Carew. As this was a new website, we would be starting our web influence from ground zero, so I knew we needed a high quality site, that was formed to lay good foundations to work from. All my websites are hand coded allowing me to ensure they are technically excellent, optimised in fine detail for search, social media and accessibility standards. After launch it was going to be about what digital marketing we did, to build the profile of the site and the domain.

When creating a new website for any business I spend some time researching the industry, local market and the competition to better understand that element of the project. I will visit a number of competitor websites and run a quick audit on the web pages to gauge the quality of the web design, strength of the on-site SEO and to spot any opportunities that might lurking in there. Some sites are good, some not so good, the odd few very good; often in there lays the opportunity, knowing we're competing against maybe 3 good websites for search placements instead of all 20+ local competitors who's sites and seo could be better. Anyway, I thought I'd share a few of the glamping websites I found that stood out, either for their business model or their website innovations. I have extended the list of best glamping sites in West Wales since I originally wrote this post and will keep it updated with locations I feel are worth a mention.

My best glamping sites in Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire

So here are just some of the best glamping locations in Pembrokeshire you should take a look at and visit for your next glamping holiday in Pembrokeshire.

  1. Watermeadows Glamping
    Location: Broadmoor, nr Kilgetty / Saundersfoot | Website:
    An eco-friendly, family friendly glamping site nestled in a landscape of natural spring fed lakes and wildflower meadows, perfect for glamping in Pembrokeshire. Members of the Greener Camping Club the site follows an eco-friendly ethos and provides a glamping experience in the heart of South Pembrokeshire. [Lighthouse score; 99 / 100 / 93 / 100].
  2. Haven Pods (Floating pods on water)
    Location: Neyland Marina (calm upper marina waters) | Website: 
    2 floating pods available, sleeping 2 adults plus 2 children. Made from ethically-sourced balu and cedar wood, floating on upcycled pontoons and finished with FairTrade products. The pods include dining table, kitchenette, TV, USB chargers, free WiFi, outdoor decking and chairs to watch the marina world go by.
    If you like water, these glamping pods in South Pembrokeshire are a great choice. Nicely designed and set on the waters in Neyland Marina, these are ideal pods for those with sea legs! Haven pods stood out to me simply because they are on water, in some of Pembrokeshire's most beautiful marine destinations. [Lighthouse score; 52 / 88 / 79 / 96].
  3. Fronwen Fields
    Location: Llanboidy, Whitland, Carmarthenshire, SA34 0TP | Website:
    Fronwen Fields is a new glamping site in Carmarthenshire, forged by a family in the middle of the 2020 Pandemic, which featured on a show presented by Kate Humble who followed their move from England to their new 21 acre farm in West Wales. Its the perfect rustic countryside location to take family on a glamping holiday, which even allows camping. [Lighthouse score; 90 / 72 / 100 / 85].
  4. West Wales Camping Pods
    Location: Henllan Amgoed, Nr Whitland, Carmarthenshire, SA34 0SE | Website:
    It's A Pod Life! West Wales Camping Pods is a fantastic little glamping site that offers accommodation in beautiful wooden pods. The site has 4 pods which each have a luxury hot tub. Inside the pods you have everything you'd need, from a double bed to a kettle, small fridge and electric heater. The site is nicely located in central West Wales, with easy access to explore this edge of Wales. The site is also dog friendly, so worth checking out for your next trip. [Lighthouse score; 88 / 100 / 83 / 87].
  5. Henfryn Farm
    Location: Llandysul, North Pembrokeshire | Website:
    Henfryn Farm offer a wide range of glamping and camping experiences, from bell tents to shepherd huts, safari tents and traditional camping. Set within a riverside location and organic farm, Henfryn Farm seems a captivating glamping site enriched with adventure and imagination. Their ethos is strong and embraces everything a eco-friendly glamping site should have. Henfryn Farm caught my attention firstly by a very nice web design, secondly the quality of the website technically is good, though scores a little low on audits for what I'd expect. That said, their website has a blog and lots of information about their glamping units, the area and their story. Many accommodation website miss out on the power a blog has for their web marketing, so I like they are embracing nature and technology here. [Lighthouse score; 56 / 37 / 64 / 91].

There are of course many other glamping sites across Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire, so don't forget to check some out through searching online.

Technical notes: [Lighthouse scores are from May 2020 and are made up by Performance: 0/100, Accessibility 0/100, Best Practices 0/100 and SEO 0/100]. Websites selected based on personal taste, design, quality or business model.

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