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Privacy Policy Template For Small Business

Free Privacy Policy Template Perfect For Small Business Websites

Free privacy policy template

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This privacy policy template is ideal for small business, provided free without warranties or liabilities. This policy is meant to be used as a privacy template that you can edit/adapt into your own small business privacy notice or privacy policy. There are various sections within the privacy template that you may need to edit and complete with your small business details, some section may not be required and could be removed. This privacy template covers the general key points of a GDPR compliant privacy policy, though it is not a comprehensive document and you may need to extend upon this privacy policy template to suit your business operations. If you require professional advice or bespoke privacy policies please seek professional legal advice from a company who specialises in privacy notices or privacy policy templates.

Privacy Policy Template Downloads


GDPR Privacy Template - View on screen (copy and paste to use)

GDPR Privacy Template - HTML Code via txt file

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What you need to edit: Parts that require input are noted inside brackets [like this], and lines that need explanatory details are marked with a number symbol, like this #. Some sections may need deleting (such as Lawful basis not required, or pre-defined text options such as ICO Number), you may need to add whole new sections depending on your business operations.

How to use this free privacy template? Once you have downloaded / copied the privacy template from the above link, simply copy and paste the text of the privacy notice into your development website or page and edit the various sections to suit your business and internal operations while handling personal information and privacy. This free privacy policy is suited for small business, or SMEs looking for a simple and easy to use privacy policy that needs just a bit of editing.

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