Why Replying To Spam Email Can Actually Be A Good Thing

A TED Talks video by James Veitch that is actually a good laugh

Published by: Jamie King | Date Published: 10th July 17 | Last Modified: 10th July 17

Spam email is the pain of our everyday lives. We wake up just wondering how many will it be today? 5 spam email? 10 spam emails? 100 emails!? It has become such a mundane task it's like washing up or cleaning that we seek the best technologies to filter out the spam message and take care of the inconvenience for us. We all know replying to spam email messages is a big no no! It just opens the flood gates to more spam messages and takes us on a vicious roller coaster ride through Spam World.

But have you ever wondered what it might be like to actually reply to a spam email? Ever wondered what might actually happen beyond the block gate and trash folder? Well James Veitch explains in this funny yet interesting video what happens when you reply to spam email.

Video; James Veitch - What happens when you reply to spam email.

TED Talks - James Veitch - What Happens When You Reply To Spam Email