Branding & Logo Design Carmarthenshire West Wales

A good logo or brand strategy is important in every business, to reflect what you and your business is about. I provide logo design and company branding services to new and existing businesses across Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire, West Wales.

I provide a dedicated Logo Design service in Wales for business' all around the UK.
The range of logo design packages I offer are set-out to make the whole process as simple as possible while maintaining a professional standard from start to finish.
I take the time to understand you, your business and your industry to create the perfect logo for your new venture or re-brand.

How Does It Work?

  1. Choose a logo design package
    Choose a logo design package that suits your needs & budget.
  2. Brain storming session
    We meet up for a brain storming session where we discuss ideas and I get to understand your business, industry & target audience more. If it's impractical to meet up we will arrange a phone call.
  3. Concept development
    I will develop the number of concepts you opted (number of logo ideas) for and present them to you through email.
  4. Choose a final idea
    Once you have had time to review all the presented concepts you will need to chose a final idea. This can be either your favourite of the concepts or a combination of a few merged together.
  5. Completed logo supplied on CD
    The final step is to send you the completed logo in a range of industry standard file formats on CD. This allows you to supply your sign-writers, web designers etc with a hi-resolution version of your logo that they can work with easily.

Developing Logos That Work

By taking the time to understand your business, industry and target audience I can create a logo that will work hard for you. This includes taking into consideration colours, styles, trends, age range of target audience, competitors logos, future logo use such as on vehicles, the web, printed media.

Stage 1 logo design Stage 2 logo design Stage 3 logo design Stage 4 logo design
First sketches & brain storming ideas
A positive idea in the sketch stages
Chosen idea digitally created in its 1st draft
Final logo design - Parachute Parties

Parachute Parties Logo: This logo had to be fun, exciting and really show what the business did without explaining it with reams of text. It's appeal to children was important and it had to have some type of focus, or iconic symbol that was memorable. Visit the parachute parties facebook page.
Brain Storming Sessions - Why They Work

Some clients have openly said 'they have no idea where to start about what their logo should look like'. Despite this, brain storming sessions are very successful and productive. I use these sessions to discuss logo design ideas, colours, styles and look at competitors logos and see what we like, dislike and how we can stand out.

Logo Design in Pembrokeshire Carmarthenshire Swansea

I serve new and existing clients with logo design  in CarmarthenshirePembrokeshire, Swansea and Ceredigion areas of West Wales. These are the typical areas I cover and can for fill 'brain storming session' meetings with. If you are outside these areas we can arrange to discuss ideas over the phone or arrange for extended travel to be included in the logo design prices.
It is my aim to offer the best quality of service I can and am happy to take whatever measures are required to do so.

Teifi Tots Logo

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Atheston Firewood Logo

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