Privacy Policy Template for Websites and GDPR Privacy Notice Templates

You are free to copy, adapt & use this GDPR website privacy policy notice on your own website in order to comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) requirements. You will need to edit the privacy notice template to fit your business and GDPR requirements, as detailed on the download below.

I hope you find this website privacy policy useful and a good starting point in compiling your own privacy notice for GDPR compliance. I would be grateful for any support shown to this page but do ask kindly for people not to abuse this policy or use it on unfavourable websites.

The new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) require all organisations, charities and businesses to comply with many new data protection regulations. One of which is to publish and detail privacy information in a privacy policy or privacy notice. Additionally the GDPR requires transparent documentation and planning surrounding the processing of personal information, how that information is used and who it is shared with. So you may need to do a GDPR compliance audit and integration before completing this free GDPR website privacy policy template.

Small Business Focused GDPR Privacy Policy Notice

The free privacy policy notice available here is generally focuses on small business' and providing a small business GDPR privacy policy for websites. While you can adapt this privacy notice to fit any size business, whether a sole trader, micro business, small or medium enterprise you should find this GDPR privacy notice template a good starting point to achieve GDPR compliance and publish a privacy policy notice on your website.

Interesting fact; The GDPR will affect the contacts stored in your mobile phone. By storing those phone numbers of customers, or adding new ones to your phones address book you are processing personal data and in turn need to do so in accordance with the GDPR. Typically saving phone numbers to your mobile contacts would be done under the Legitimate Interests lawful basis of the GDPR, since you and the other party would have a legitimate interest in you storing their personal data. This also extends to address books stored on your computer or other devices.

GDPR Privacy Notice Template

The linked GDPR Privacy Notice Template found here is a base template ready for you to adapt to your requirements and business. You will need to have an understanding of your GDPR requirements and how you will comply. The template covers many of the main privacy notice requirements and is set out to help you fill in the template blanks and adapt to your business. You may need to add sections that are not in this template, delete existing section or modify the wording to fit your specific circumstances.

While this GDPR privacy notice template is a good base to start from, you may wish to get professional legal advise on implementing your business with the GDPR and what your privacy notice needs to explain. Every business is different, so it's not a 'one fits all' privacy template and will require modification and understanding of the General Data Protection Regulations to comply.

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