What Would Life be Like Without the Internet?

What would life be like without the Internet? What was life like before the Internet? If these are burning questions your looking to answer or you just want to know what the world was like before the world wide web, then read on to explore this topic from various points of view. The Internet is widely integrated into everyday life and its hard to imagine a life without it. How did people communicate without the Internet, where did people buy products if they could not get online, what on earth did people do without access to Netflix?

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The World Without The Web! What Was It Like?

I've explored this topic for a number of years and spoken to many people about it. Life without the Internet is quite a hard thing to imagine these days, especially if you've grown up with the Internet around you. On the flip side, the generations of people who grew up before the Internet began have a wealth of knowledge and experience to what the world was life before the web.