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Small Business GDPR Help & Guidance

What does my small business need to do for GDPR? Our small business GDPR help guide will help point your small or micro business in the right direction to understanding GDPR and how to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulations.

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Impact on GDPR if a No Deal Brexit

Impact Of Brexit On GDPR - The No Big Deal Guide

What happens to GDPR after Brexit, or if we have a No Deal Brexit? Does the UK need to comply with GDPR post Brexit and what impact will Brexit have on small business' GDPR compliance, the Data Protect Act and data privacy across the UK and EU member states?

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Policies and Procedures

Privacy policy generator free tool

Privacy Policy Generator Tool - Free

Use this free privacy policy generator to create your own GDPR privacy policy notice quickly and easily. Privacy policy creation tool, easily creates a base template for you to copy and paste into your website and make any final adjustments to fit your policy notice to your business.

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Free GDPR privacy policy notice template

Free GDPR Privacy Policy Notice Template - Download

If your looking for a GDPR website privacy policy notice that you can adopt and modify for your business, then download my GDPR Privacy Notice Template and edit to suit your business and General Data Protection Regulation compliance requirements.

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Free B&B accommodation terms and conditions template

Accommodation Terms & Conditions Template - Download

A free template ready to customise, for serviced accommodation providers such as accommodation, self catering, bed and breakfast or guest houses. Use this template terms and conditions to base your own terms, or reference it while compiling your own.

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How to start a blog the guide

How To Start A Blog - The Guide

If your thinking about starting a blog, for business or your ambitions this simple guide to starting your own blog will take you through the steps from planning, setting up, generating content to making money from your blog.

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The benefits of blogging for small business

The Benefits of Blogging for Small Business

What are the benefits of blogging for small business? How can a small business take advantage of the many benefits that come from small business blogging, and how can it help tap into new audiences and opportunities.

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Email Marketing

Why replying to spam emails could actually be a positive thing

Why Replying To Spam Email Could Be A Good Thing

You know not to reply to spam email right? Well what if it could actually be a good thing to reply to spam email message and provide you with an interesting, positive experience?

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Get started with email marketing

How To Get Started With Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the many low running cost marketing tools available to small businesses. It has become very popular for reasons like this though many small businesses struggle to get a return on the invested time and effort. Lets explore how to start email marketing and avoid the pitfalls.

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How to get more email subscribers

Get More Email Subscribers

A creative assortment of ideas of how to generate new email newsletter subscribers and build your list further.

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Email Marketing Legal Requirements

Email Marketing Legal Requirements

A summary of the legal requirements in email marketing in the UK. Covers UK Spam laws, regulations and data protection requirements. [dated version]

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Strategy Template

Social Media Strategy Template - Download

Use this Free social media strategy template as a planning tool to get a grip on your social media strategy, what your doing with it, why and how. The strategy tool is an interactive PDF planning toolkit with an easy to follow step by step guide to planning your social media strategy.

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How to use Facebook pages for my business

How To Use Facebook Pages For Business

Learn how to use facebook pages for your business and get the most from your efforts.

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Get started with email marketing

Should My Business Have A Facebook Page?

Why should your business have a facebook page? Read the pro's and con's here.

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