Facebook For Business, Yes or No? Should I Use It?

Many business owners I meet ask "should my business have a facebook page?"

Many moons ago website's were the next big thing and business owners questioned if their business needed a website or not.
Jump forward 20 years and almost all business' have website's, we're just asking the same question about the next big thing; Facebook.

So should your business have a Facebook Page?

Yes, like your website, Facebook is another marketing tool, learn how best to use it and it becomes invaluable. Read my article How to use Facebook Pages for business.

Think of Facebook like this; it's an ocean of over 500* million fish all rushing around looking for something that interests them. On the end of your fishing line is your bait [your business] which might not appeal to everyone, but if you can cast out your line effectively you'll attract some interested fish [your target audience]. *(500 million facebook users estimated 2011)

Not marketing your business in this vast ocean of potential is a lost opportunity.
It is not about should you, but more how do you?
Understanding how you can use facebook for your business is vital.

Read my article; How to use Facebook Pages for business.