Accommodation Marketing Ideas

How to market your Hotel, B&B or Holiday Cottage on the web

Marketing your accommodation business on the web and discovering the best accommodation marketing ideas for you can be difficult. These days, there are so many avenues to try marketing your accommodation that the problem is more about finding time do manage it all.

Whether your a bed and breakfast in the countryside or a guest house in the city centre some web based marketing ideas will work for you and others will not. There is no clear set of rules that all accommodation business owners need to apply to their marketing strategy in order to be successful online.

Try these marketing ideas

Here are some accommodation marketing ideas for you to try.

  • Facebook competition for a free stay, which will generate an influx of interest to your Facebook page.
  • Email marketing messages to past guest, as long as you follow all Email Marketing Legal Requirements
  • Hook up with local tourism based business that perhaps provide activities where they might recommend accommodation locally.