Small Business Digital, Advice On Developing Your Businesses Digital Future

A series of articles looking at Small Businesses and their Digital position and capabilities. From developing a digital business strategy to advice on modernising your Micro or Small Business to make the most of the digital business world, available software and hardware technologies. You will also find further help on digital inclusion and ideas for communities & charities to take on board when thinking about how they can use digital technology to progress their cause and digital capabilities.

My Digital Business

Questions to ask a website designer

Small Business GDPR Help & Guidance

What does my small business need to do for GDPR? Our small business GDPR help guide will help point your small or micro business in the right direction to understanding GDPR and how to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulations.

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Impact on GDPR if a No Deal Brexit

Impact Of Brexit On GDPR - The No Big Deal Guide

What happens to GDPR after Brexit, or if we have a No Deal Brexit? Does the UK need to comply with GDPR post Brexit and what impact will Brexit have on small business' GDPR compliance, the Data Protect Act and data privacy across the UK and EU member states?

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Digital Inclusion

Questions to ask a website designer

Questions To Ask A Web Designer

What should you ask a Website Designer when looking for a new website, or finding the right website designer to work with? Here are some key questions to ask to better understand them and communicating your needs.

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Software & Apps

Livecycle Designer calculate age in years between DOB and current date

Livecycle Calculate Age From Current Date - Download

Livecycle Designer tutorial on how to calculate age in years between the current date and a user entered date of birth, across two date fields. Download a example PDF form or follow the tutorial to display an age in years between two date fields.

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PDF Project Pipeline Template Tool

Project Pipeline Template - Download

Simple, flexible PDF form to plot your project pipeline & stage tasks. Use this free PDF form to plan your project's task in a Pipeline, with different stages and tasks. Customise it to your needs.

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New Technologies

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