Freelance Media Design Jobs in Wales

Jamie King Media works with a range of design, marketing and photography freelancers who are primarily based in Wales. Freelancers from anywhere in the UK are welcome to get in touch.

As a growing business, I am always looking to extend the network of freelancers I work with in a variety of skill sets such as web design, graphic design, copywriting, search engine optimisation, social media services and photography.

Freelancers with specific skill sets such as PHP, database development, Wordpress themes, Joomla / Drupal systems, API development and freelance photographers with experience in portrait / press photography are often sort after for various projects.

Students & Postgraduate Freelance Work Experience

Students in college education or postgraduates looking to gain industry experience before applying for full time or part time employment are welcomed to forward their details to work on full or partial projects on a freelance basis.

Join my Freelance Network

If you are a freelancer in any of the core service areas mentioned above and your based in Wales (or the UK) please feel free to send your details for consideration using the form below.

To ensure a smooth and efficient submission please use the form below, rather than calling me regarding freelance work. I am often tied up in office hours with customer projects and therefore I allocate specific times to deal with freelance submissions. I always take time to study freelancer details when received.

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