Lost Data or Connection to Company File in QuickBooks after changing the Host Computer Name. [-6123,0]

If you recently changed the computer name of your QuickBooks host computer and can no longer find data on your remote QuickBooks computer you have most likely changed the network setup between the two computers and therefore the remote computer is looking in the wrong place for the company file (.qbw).

Note: This is an old article and you should reference other information specific to your current version of QuickBooks.

Here’s what we did wrong:

  • We were using QuickBooks 2006 on two computers with multi user setup enabled.
  • The host computer, which hosted the QuickBooks company file, was called “Compaq PC” (for example).
  • The second computer (remote computer) used was called “Dell PC”.
  • After a DDR memory upgrade I changed the Computer Name of the “Compaq PC” to “Accounts PC”.
  • By changing the computer name of the “Compaq PC” to “Accounts PC” I changed the networking address between the two computers, therefore leaving the remote computer “Dell PC” looking in the wrong place for the host computer and company file (.qbw).
  • I should have realised this would happen but it did not occur until the next day when I had a phone call.
  • Other causes of a Lost Connection to the Company File might be a network connection with the host computer is disrupted, Firewall settings prevent QuickBooks files from accessing the necessary ports, Multiple instances of QuickBooks database service are running or QuickBooks data or program files are damaged.

Here’s our solution:

  • The solution was to first re-change the computer name on the host computer from “Accounts PC” back to “Compaq PC”
  • Then go into the remote computer (Dell PC) and using QuickBooks open the company file on the host computer directly by following the correct network path: \Compaq PC\Quickbooks Pro\**********.qbw

Alternatively we could have re-established the network between the two computers with the new computer names, but I thought best to go backwards rather than forward in this instance.

Further information about our problem solving.
When we first checked the system the “Dell PC” was looking for a company file (.qbw) on its own hard drive. My guess is when we disabled the network between the two computers by changing the host computers name, QuickBooks automatically looked for the company file (.qbw) on the remote computers hard drive (Dell PC) instead.
This is why we saw some data but not all of it. (I guess they had a partial backup of the company file on the remote pc’s hard drive at some point.)

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Article Dated: 2nd February 2010

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