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Internet Marketing is the use of e-marketing techniques to achieve a web sites goals. Using in depth data analysis and a variety of emarketing campaigns we help you achieve those goals and maintain a competitive edge online. From Search Engine Marketing, SEO, Pay Per Click Campaigns to Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and in-page Optimisation.

Our personalised approach to web marketing solutions allows us to create campaigns that are tailored to your business needs and budget. Explained in plain English we ensure your fully educated on the campaigns process and above all it's cost.

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Analytics - Traffic Sources
Traffic Sources - Page Analytics allows us to utilise valuable data that not many businesses use beneficially

How does Internet Marketing work?

Primary Goals of an eMarketing Campaign

Visitor usage of a website - Google AnalyticsWith all Internet Marketing Campaigns as well as Website Designs we set Primary and Secondary Goals. These goals could be the purchase of a product, customer enquiry or a successful subscription or registration.

Once set we apply the best Internet Marketing techniques to further best achieve these goals. Using track able actions we can optimise conversion rates and keep a close eye on what's working and what's not. All our website's are built inline with our Website Design Philosophy and boast high search engine performance from the outset. Internet Marketing further strengthens this policy and is essential in remaining competitive in the Internet arena.

Some of our Internet Marketing services comprise of; SEM Search Engine Marketing, Conversion Optimisation, Website copy writing, Email Marketing, SEO Search Engine Optimisation, Google Analytics Conversion Optimisation, Online Advertising Opportunities, Pay Per Click Advertising, Online PR, Social Media Marketing, Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, YouTube marketing.

How much does Internet Marketing Cost?

The cost of Internet Marketing can vary considerably as there are many variables involved in eMarketing practice. However primarily the cost is determined by what you want to spend, usually based around your potential return on investment ROI and marketing budget.

All our campaigns are designed specifically to you and your business ensuring a truly unique package and cost. We offer two payment solutions;

Note about site upgrading: Sometimes depending on our recommendations we need to upgrade website's to bring them in line with better web design practices and to enhance their search engine compatibility. In these circumstances we may recommend an initial upgrade cost to make the most of your Internet Marketing campaign quickly. We'll advise you if this is the case.

Website Marketing Consultancy for Small Businesses in West Wales

We work with a range of small business and medium sized businesses. We've found that many business owners have similar concerns; they aren't quite sure of how Internet Marketing works and the cost of Internet Marketing is a worry to them.

Not all businesses will have the same marketing budget and each will have their own objectives and expectations. This is why we work closely with clients and ensure they fully understand the process and can rest assured that their investment is going to work to it's full potential while never getting out of control.

Here are a few pointers for small business web marketing;

So if your looking for affordable small business web marketing, get in touch and tell us what area's of web marketing you'd like to improve upon. We look forward to hearing from you.

Email Marketing Consultancy West Wales

Jamie King Media offer valuable email marketing consultancy for anyone looking to develop or begin an email marketing campaign in Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire or West Wales.

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