My Spider Logos

A history of my Jamie King Media logo

Jamie King Media Logo - Spider Logo Design

So this is my logo, todays version.
Since 2004 my logo has relatively stayed the same apart from the addition of the emblem in 2006 and a few minor tweaks, font alterations and strap line adjustments.

It comprises of a circular emblem as a left hand anchor point, the brand name (Jamie King Media) flowing to the right and a strap line beneath it (Digital Media Design & Marketing). There is also the addition of two spider silhouettes within the logo, the first in the centre of the circular emblem and the other on top of the brand name to the far right.

A spider inspired me

The spider logo and overall Jamie King Media logo was inspired by a photograph I took many years ago, when 35mm transparency film was the 1st choice for photographers. I'd like to note at this point I don't even like spiders, so irony rings clear. Anyway, here's the photograph;

Photograph of sunset with a spiders silhouette in the centre

You can begin to see how the circular emblem containing the silhouette of a spider came about, despite not becoming part of the logo until 2006.
I took the photo on a 35mm film camera (Canon EOS 50e), using transparency film (Agfa 50), using one of the last 3 slide exposures I had left. The resulting image sparked varying comments from those who were fascinated to those who just couldn't look at it because of the spider.

Either way one thing was certain, it was a striking image that naturally caught peoples attention whether they liked spiders or not. So these reactions only complimented my gut feelings to that this image should form the basis of my logo in some way.

Early versions since 2004

Early logo typeface and font styles

The first logo was really more just text than an actual logo, though I saw the time from 2004 to 2006 the period where the business was forming and the identity was being nurtured. Contrary to this, I still used the photograph of the spider sunset as the cover of my first business cards. So the idea to use the spider sunset were there from the outset.

Business card showing photograph of sunset and spider silhouette

From 2006 the logo quickly developed into its real form, seen here under the brand name of This changed in later years to become Jamie King Media with a revised strap line.

Jamie King Media Logo 2006

Spider Logo Complimentary Examples

Complimentary spider logo emblemIn more recent times the logo took on complimentary versions. One that I use often today, including on this website is the circular emblem on its own without the brand name and strap line. This decision was mainly based on successful brand awareness and a move to create a convenient alternative logo or stamp I could use in media.

A long standing complimentary logo was the spider on its own, often found crawling over some graphics or in the corner of websites.

Small spider logo used to credit designs

This compliment had been used since 2006 on graphic designs, leaflets, brochures and websites as a credit to the designer. My creative nature often lead me to hide the spider graphic within designs to make them a little more seamless, rather than a stamped "leaflet designed by xxx".

Concluding the logo

Having a good logo is important, there are many articles online that cover good logo design. One of the many things to consider when creating a logo would be to follow your instinct. Don't be afraid to be different and put your own stamp on things.