Rugby World Cup Predictions - Australia To Win RWC 2019 - My 6 Month Prediction

My 6 Month Pre RWC Prediction [March 2019]

Based on a weird feeling of hope and fate; It is my 6 month pre RWC prediction that Australia will win the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan. Admittedly this prediction will sound insane to most, even many Aussie fans, but something tells me either Australia have a good opportunity to exploit here or the gods will prevail and they will claim the RWC title that they should have claimed in 2015.

Back in March 2019 I made my pre Rugby World Cup predictions for which team was going to win the 2019 RWC. I try to make this prediction every RWC and as far ahead as possible, typically after the Six Nations and autumn internationals are played in the UK. I then stick to this 6 month pre tournament prediction and cross my fingers in hope my mad theories and methodology has some substance.

Here is why I predict Australia will win RWC 2019

Firstly, its not so much the fact that Australia are over due a win (which they are), but more so that New Zealand surely can't win again and make it 3 RWC titles in a row! Right?

The last time the Aussies won the Rugby World Cup was in 1999, but since then they have come runners up twice in 2003 and 2015. For such a competitive nation there is no doubt they are one of the worlds best, you'd have to agree they are due a win in a RWC final pretty soon. Otherwise they'll stumble upon New Zealand's record of 24 years between Rugby World Cup titles (1987 to 2011).

I also believe that Australia should have won the 2015 RWC and not New Zealand. The reality was though, on the day Australia faced not just a good New Zealand side, but a New Zealand side that raised it's game by 2 gears. The Aussies had played great rugby to reach the 2015 RWC final, and would have won it if New Zealand had been on holiday! Australia missed out in 2015, against an All Blacks side that was just superior, so they need to make up for it in 2019 or I fear they will surpass the 24 year drought.

In recent times Australia have struggled in performance loosing to teams like Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, South Africa and New Zealand. So logic would say they stand little chance of reaching the 2019 RWC final, especially since many of the teams who have beaten them recently will be in their path of progression.

However, it's my feeling that this recent series of results will let the Wallabies slip under the radar and lead a few teams to take them for granted. Additionally the Israel Folau scandal diverted attention away from the team and allowed the media to response with headlines like "how on earth can Australia survive without Folau?" and in turn, explore new players. So I believe Australia have a real opportunity here, to maintain a low profile and medium threat level and come into the 2019 RWC and bring a few shock results, taking opponents by surprise.

Opportunities To Be Taken By Australia

In 2015 most of England, especially the press were besotted with the idea that England were going to win the 2015 Rugby World Cup on home soil. They faced the toughest pool of the tournament with Wales, Fiji and Australia to arm wrestle table positions with. Despite the home support and form of the English rugby union team at the time, they crashed out in the pool stages loosing convincingly to both Australia and Wales and becoming the first sole host nation to be eliminated in the pool stages of a RWC.

With the belief that World Cups bring surprises; I believe someone is going to knock New Zealand out of the Rugby World Cup, in the semi finals, despite all logic, and common sense say otherwise. New Zealand are not going to win RWC2019 simply because its too good to be true, nothing to do with how incredible the All Blacks are or the fact they are the worlds best, its simply down to life isn't that fair. Depending on where Australia and South Africa finish in the pool stages, the Aussies have a real chance to upset the tournament favourites New Zealand and deny them from 3 in a row.

If South Africa reach the Rugby World Cup final then I think it will be hard for anyone to stop them claiming the title, even if they face the Aussies. They have never lost a RWC final, and they have won every 12 years, with 2019 being the next 12 year cycle. If New Zealand reach the RWC final then there is no doubt they will raise their game another 2 levels and leave the world speechless. This is why I believe New Zealand need to be stopped at the semi finals stage, since if you give them line of sight on the Webb Ellis trophy, you're asking for Rugby World Cup miracles to stop them.

But miracles is what the Rugby World Cup brings, we see results and moments we'd never imagine possible and teams achieve against all the odds. The 2019 RWC will no doubt bring those same moments and I wait patiently to see if my wild pre-tournament 6 month prediction will materialise.

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